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    1970's XBOX! I could play River Raid for hours!

    • Heather Cox

      Childhood Memories ~ Atari 2600 Game Console (still have this in the original box with all of the games in their original boxes)

    • Leyungio Hall

      Atari 2600: The godfather of video game systems. Someone broke in my house and stole mine then a month later the idiot that stole it tried to sell it to me. Pitfall, Spy Hunter, Pole Position, and Mrs. Pac Man were my specialties.

    • Jammin Jo

      Luv this:) And, kinda miss doin' some of these things:) Who knows, maybe I'll hit the Local Roller Rink and do a lap or two:) haha:) Rock On!:) #70s #80s #Cute #Funny #PastTime "40 Things Gen Xers Did that Our Kids Will Never Need to Do" via Parenting - Yahoo Shine

    • Tracy Miller

      Atari 2600 was our first video game system. We didn't get Nintendo, so the next system we owned was saga genesis in the 90s.

    • Robyn Davis

      MEMORY LANE! Pac Man, Space Invaders and Frogger, Pitfall and Pong!!!

    • Tonya Colvin

      Atari 2600. A video game system that I could actually work!

    • AARP

      The Atari 2600 changed everything! #videogames #gaming

    • Dawn I-H

      Atari 2600 - best video game system ever!

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    My grandma had an Atari and every game ever made for it. I heard a lot of curse words come from the game room when grandma was playing. lol



    only thing i ever enjoyed about gym class

    1970's clock radio with flip numbers

    25 cents a piece... out of the vending machines... only way we could get them. I think I had, like 5, when other girls in my class had them up to their elbows. 1985. I remember thinking- wow. They have so much money!

    One word...Pong. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up in a history book. ;-) Gee, I am old!

    WOW remember this?

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    Yes, it the original Atari 2600! Probably have a couple of controllers in my garage. Also had one of those 5200's. It was great.

    So many hours playing Atari. Space Invaders, Asteroids!

    I had this camera...on one side you could click through several pictures of zoo animals. Last Christmas I found a Fisher Price camera at Toys R us that also had animal pictures, so I bought it for Tyler for Christmas...They were the SAME EXACT pictures that had been in my 1970's version...COOL! :)

    Oh how I loved these things.