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  • Tina Santos

    Toss the garter on a football...definitely happening! Plan your dream wedding at http://www.allaboutweddingplanning.comand your romantic wedding night

  • Sarah Wachtel

    Hey grooms to be TRY THIS instead of the same ol' garter toss!! Football Garter Toss « Ask the DJ to play the beginning of Monday Night Football theme song. Let the best man hike the ball to the groom, Groom runs the ball down and throws the pass to the groomsman! Fun idea for the boys!

  • Tyra Dudding

    Football Garter Toss, not for my wedding but cute idea

  • Elizabeth Russeau

    Football Garter Toss- because the rubber band fling thing never really works--haha!

  • Kristine Herman

    Cute! This whole board is filled with creative ways to incorporate sports into a wedding @Kerri Gibson ...waiting on K & C wedding! <3

  • Jenn Wall

    Garter Toss- This would make things so much easier and more fun for the guys. Genius! Great idea from one commenter, "I’m not a huge fan of the garter toss. Maybe I’m too shy or prude, but the idea of having my future groom reach his hands up my dress in front of all my friends and family weirds me out. I like this idea, b/c I could have the garter on a football (or baseball, or basketball) instead of on me." - Love it!

  • Heather Daniels

    Football Garter Toss- so a good idea for football obsessed grooms

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This is a MUCH better way to do the garter toss! What guy won't catch a football???

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Throw the garter on a football...cause no man ever drops a football!!

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