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    Constance of Hauteville (2 November 1154 – 27 November 1198) was the heiress of the Norman kings of Sicily and the wife of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor. She was...

    Constance, Queen of Sicily


      The history of Sicily has seen Sicily usually controlled by greater powers—Roman, Vandal, Byzantine, Islamic, Norman, Hohenstaufen, Catalan, Spaniard—but also experiencing short periods of independence, as under the Greeks and later as the Emirate then Kingdom of Sicily. Although today part of the Republic of Italy, it has its own distinct culture.

    • Elizabeth Chadwick

      Heinrich VI - Konstanze von Sizilien - Constance, Queen of Sicily - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia central cloak fastenings for both.

    • Kathryne Snyder

      Constance (2 November 1154[1] – 27 November 1198) was the heiress of the Norman kings of Sicily and the wife of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor...

    • Ashley Meddaugh

      Constance, Queen of Sicily (1154 - 1198). Holy Roman Empress from 1191 until her husband died in 1197. She was Queen of Sicily in her own right. She was married to Henry VI.

    • Sonja Natus

      Constance (2 Nov 1154–27 Nov 1198) was heiress of the Norman kings of Sicily and the wife of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor. She was Queen of Sicily in 1194-1198, jointly with her husband, and with her infant son Frederick II. In 1194 she gave birth to Frederick. Constance was 40 and she knew that many would question whether the child was really hers. Thus she had the baby in a pavilion tent in the market square of the town & invited the town matrons to witness the birth. - picture probably 13th?

    • Laurie Peirick

      Constance Queen of Sicily 1154-1198; my 24th great grandmother.

    • Necy Luv

      "Constance, Queen of Sicily" by sh0shan ❤ liked on Polyvore

    • Errin Edlin

      Frederick II rule Sicily (Hohenstaufen)

    • Jenny Jensen

      Constance Queen of Sicily 1154-1198

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