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black blazer, black cami, black shorts, I would add a pop of color for the heels or wedges #curvy #thick #sexy "if you follow my Curvy Girl's Spring/Summer Closet, make sure to follow my Curvy Girl's Fall/Winter Closet."

5 Places to Shop for Full Figured Bras. Everytime I try to buy a decent bra, it seems like my cup size is bigger while the band stays the same. It's impossible to find good bras in most stores.

Katya Zharkova I still think she looks just as hot as any girl of a smaller size. Confidence is sexy.

How about we change the "hot girl" image from being a starved 12 year old to what women are actually shaped like. Thats just my opinion.

8 Plus Size Magazines You Should Be Reading

thick girl, "if you follow my curvy girl's fall/winter closet, make sure to follow my curvy girl's spring/summer closet."

God I love her! She has been looking so wonderful lately! This is how I’d like to look! She maintains her figure by living a healthy lifestyle… but is still thick and luscious! Haha.

Hems for Her Trendy Plus Size Fashion for Women-- I'd want the pants to flow a bit more and the shirt to be a solid color


Who said PLUS SIZE LINGERIE is not cute? Check out this sexy set from City Chic USE THIS LINK GET 25% off!!

Anna Adrielle

This is the type of body i want... not skinny, but healthy. This lady is beautiful!!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elomi 'Persia' Bra & Briefs' CLICK HERE:

This woman is inspiring. It's not about being "fat" and "skinny", but being comfortable with the body you have, how to love it, and accept it because its yours.

Why would anyone want bones sticking out and rib ages showing when you can be so curvy and beautiful?

Plus Size Model, she's a size 12. And she's seriously one of the most beautiful models I have ever seen...

Bianca Dye | Madison Magazine....need to show models that are not skinny

Rock your curves. (i don't usually pin stuff like this, but she is gorgeous! a reminder that curvy is beautiful!)

SWAK Designs Plus Size Fashion's photo: "Amen to that!!! Double tap if you agree."

Leopard Meets Mint - love the leopard with the mint but not so much the outfit - yuck! I would reverse the look and do mint green skinny jeans with a leopard top.

Killer Kurves

bahaha say no to thigh gap

Size no matter to be sexy plus size love your curves


Curves mmmmmm mmmmmmm good!