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    Live in the present moment. Don't waste energy on the future--it hasn't happened yet! #ReawakenYourBrilliance

    • Katie H

      Live in the present moment. Don't waste energy on the future--it hasn't happened yet! This "quote" is funny but oh so true haha

    • ❤

      Ive got 99 problems funny quotes quote jokes problems lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings humor

    • Casey Allen

      maybe only kind of a little bit true #funny #quotes #remember #perspective #stress #relax #problems #happy #reminder #logic

    • Shelley Whittaker

      While the initial words started J-Zay in my head, the rest of the quote made me think... 'Ah, my life!'

    • Lisel Jones

      This is so true so I don't know if it's funny, wisdom or inspiration..

    • Allison Brown

      Truth .. I got 99 problems and anxiety is most of them.

    • John George

      Funny stuff who hasn't been here !

    • Tobi Fleischman

      The quote that describes my life

    • Ana Paula Saad

      #99problems, so true

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    Oh I love this, so true.

    Truth. Don't worry, pray! #MTH2013 :: Goal Setting for 2013


    Haha. Amen!

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    Hahaha! Seriously story of my life..this or standing up for somebody else ..only low lives need to rant about others for days on end!! ✌️

    People say I have changed quotes quote happy quotes happiness quotes quotes and sayings image quotes picture quotes

    So me.

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    Love of a mother #single mother

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    Moving on... #evolving

    So thankful for all the TONS of wonderful people around me! This weekends get together was a great reminder of that! People that are so sweet and loving and thoughtful and let me prove myself instead of lump me in with the last one. And ESPECIALLY grateful for my sweet sweet love and everything he is ♥ #lovemylife #livinitup #confidenceinChrist

    So dead on! I constantly struggle with this! I want to be free..I don't want to settle down. And yet I want to love be loved forever.


    When Your Past Calls, Don't Answer nn When your past calls, don’t answer. It has nothing new to say.