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I just think this is a great quote! A great reminder that sometimes our lives take a different turn then we anticipate, but it may work out even better then we expect!

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Just had this experience. Sometimes you need to put someone in their place so they don't forget it in the future. Drew !!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh! I've always had those moments when I wish I could say so much more but I don't have the words and I feel so awful. But I am beginning to understand this quote more the older I get and the harder things get. Plus sometimes they have heard the same things a hundred times over and the best thing is just to be there with them. I love this quote.

I really want to not give a shit so I am working hard on this one!! :)

Especially when they bring up your past to mutual friends, acquaintances, and think it won't get back to you. Their excuse for being called out? They never really liked you anyway. Classy. #WT