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It seems all the good stuff come from Japan and that should not come as surprise anyone, they are just born this way, its genetic. This particular artist Yuki Matsueda has done something quite rema.

Yuki Matsueda 3D art

Yuki Matsueda's 3D Art Leaps Off the Canvas

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Escape, A Brilliant Series of Exploding 3D Object Art by Yuki Matsueda

Yuki Matsueda 3D sculptures

Yuki Matsueda’s 3D Sculptures

Escapology – By Yuki Matsueda Japanese artist with the power to stop time and capture the movement of things, until it become a work of art.

Yuki Matsueda’s 3D Sculptures

Yuki Matsueda’s 3D Sculptures

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Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda brings art and signage to life by taking complimentary elements from the image, extruding them off the background and encompassing them in acrylic.

sanitario hara design institute

Série Referencias – Sinalização #3

Who knew bathroom signs could be cool / The Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum Signage

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