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    I ♥ mathematics {platonic solids garland}

    Oooh….it’s been I while since I last posted. We had a smashing Christmas and new year. Hope you all did too! My computer died just before Christmas and it’s taken my hubby and I a while to bring it back to life…which is why it’s been a bit quiet. I lost 3 months worth of …
    • Labas Meska

      Be Different...Act Normal: Polyhedron Garland [Printable Platonic Solids]

    • Leigh Krauser

      ****Mini Eco is an UK mommy blog with a penchant for featuring colorful DIY tutorials, and one of the recent projects on there cleverly used platonic solids to make a decorative garland. The geometric shapes are lovely to look at in their symmetry, and she even includes the templates to each object so that you can print them out yourself.

    • Addison Iris

      Paper garland 'platonic solids' from Maths made pretty!

    • Alyssa Capozziello

      A fun paper craft, a painless lesson in symmetry and mathematics, an easy way to introduce a pop of color, and an excuse to say the word dodecahedron. What's not to love about this DIY garland comprised of Platonic solids.

    • Elisha Patel

      Platonic solids garlands. Great idea for a 3D shape display.

    • Jane Leckey

      Polyhedron garland, with printable templates

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