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starfall farm via inside out

Smokey and Leopard's twoleg home inside

  • Breyanna Lenox

    Leopard stared at him and flicked her ears. The twolegs had two bowls of water and two of food ready for them. Leopard thought, "I will wake him up if he doesn't wake up in the next few moments."

  • Kayceecat Esser

    At that moment Smokey lept into the air with a screech. He looked wildly around and shook his head. "Leopard! I'm glad you're ok!" he growled.

  • Breyanna Lenox

    Leopard tilted her head in confusion. "Um..why wouldn't i be okay...errr....nevermind lets just eat." She gulped down some of her cat food and mewed, "I wish we could catch prey. Let's go in our yard and hope to find one!" (theres a outside there home chatroom)

  • Kayceecat Esser

    "Ok." Smokey dipped his head in embarrassment.

  • Breyanna Lenox

    Leopard leaped out the window that the twoleg opens for them to go outside.

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Starfall Farm, Somerset, England by Invisible Studio

would love to see inside