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  • Relle O'B

    HASfit Motivational Fitness Quotes - - #myfitmotiv #fitness motivation #weight #loss #food #fitness #diet #gym #motivation

  • Amber Lukes

    true story

  • Tonia Bishop

    This is so true now if I can only remember this as a motivation I would be in good shape.

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I will have to remember this when I do my 5K slower than everyone :)

But you WILL, however, regret SKIPPING a workout.

In middle school while I was running cross country my mom would run behind me and tell me that she was a bear and I had to run away from her. I still love my mommy, but more when she isn't pretending to be a bear. :)

Your hard work will soon pay off!! keep your eye on your goals! Never stop!

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I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t.

running. How many times have I heard coach Lux on this one? Its a good day when you get home at ten and have had a wonderfully painful, but fast and strengthening workout! :)

a 'hell yeah' followed by a beat to crap but I survived kind of feeling!

Something I need to remember. I feel so much better physically and about myself when I go to the gym regularly. I just need to make it part of my routine again. :)

It also takes at least 21 days to make something a habit so you have to continue to try your hardest to eat healthy and workout daily until it becomes second nature. When I stick it out, I start to crave them on days I don't.