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    deer? what deer? Hide & seek

    • Juan Miguel Magnifico

      In contrast to a rifle hunter, who may shoot effectively from ranges in excess of 600 yards (550 m); archers usually restrict shots to 2.3 yards (2.1 m) to 42 yards (38 m). The distance depends upon individual ability, the target animal, the bow strength, terrain, arrow and weather.

    • Autumn Miller

      I've seen this picture soo many times, but I still crack up every time! #hunter #deer #fall #huntingseason #love #funny

    • The Meme Page

      Funny Turkey Hunter Cartoons | ... Super funny pictures of Deer Hunting Funny hilarious pictures

    • Donna Crimmins

      funny rehabilitation pictures | Candy Crush Rehabilitation Center Photo | Travel Advisor Guides

    • Sheila Valentine

      deer hunter humor photo | Really Hilarious Jokes - Funny Jokes: Stupid Hunter

    • Deborah Alford

      Deer Hunting HaHa ...... Every hunter needs a laugh.

    • Love Life

      Funny Turkey Hunter Cartoons Funny Pictures Humor

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    Crazy thing is, the cat was scared away by the flash and the guy saw this picture when he got home later... True story, not just making it up.

    hahaha! these are chairs, not their butts showing!

    hahaahaha oh my goodness! :)

    Deer Hunting 911

    Two bucks got their racks stuck together while fighting and starved to death....or cud b a pack of wolves found an incredibly easy meal or they broke each others necks.

    So funny!!!!

    hahahahahaha....SO TRUE!! And annoying so I was out deer hunting a while back and im sitting there its real quiet then....BAM a stupid squirrel fell out of a tree like five feet from me

    i found this way too funny!

    Share if you see it, but don't tell!

    Mt. Rushmore from the Canadian side.

    Deers at Nara Park, Japan




    tree trunk junk

    After deer hunting season ended-all the deer gathered for their annual ha-ha you missed me deer festival

    Hunting Together ... LOL!

    Too Cute...