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Gotta love that zydeco!
Clifton Chenier  Louisiana Blues and Zydeco
Jazz Fest - NOLA, 2012.  Laissez les bon temps roules . . . irony costs extra.
♀ when I Religiously Invoke My Haitian [MH] Voodoo Mental of Encoded [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] Memory intEL [MELanin] from Ancient Black Byzantine Egypt… I Magically Summon Inner Earth’s Golden Apparition [GA = ROMAN] Spirits of Louisiana who Ancestrally [L.A.] Enforce My I BEE MICHAEL [IBM]… HARRELL Proverbs of Biblically Black [Ancient] Spells that Resurrect Our Unseen Sentient [U.S. = Invisible] Golden Black Atmospheric Demonic [BAD] Souls from Lost Atlantis [L.A.] ♀
Zydeco and Cajun music is WAY fun! Try and keep still!
15 Louisiana Zydeco Classics ~ Love me some Clifton Chenier
Cajun complaint department
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