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Kindergarten-- science journal (like how the standard is included); download journal sheets to use or modify.

Kindergarten-rock unit- interactive writing ideas and discoveries to be made with rocks and soil

Rocks, soil and all kinds of fun learning activities

Good idea for question board, but I would have students add answers as they are discovered. Next level would be to have students generate questions.

Interactive Science Notebooks for elementary kiddos

Gorgeous rocks and soils display

Free science notebook expectations and scientist safety sheet. Free notebook label too

Rocks the Charlotte Mason way. CS: 6-Earth Science- Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks have unique characteristics that can be used for identification and/or classification. AND Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks form in different ways.

Science Alphabet Posters A-Z ... for Primary Grades ... (Intermediate Grades also available)

I have my kids make these but I love how this teacher had them glue/tape them into a notebook. I also like how they had an illustration on the front...

Layers of soill. Bedrock- mini marshmallows. Subsoil- cheerios (whole and crumbled) Topsoil- cocoa krispies mixed with mini m&m;'s for Humus. Topped with a gummy worm