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OMGosh, this would be so fun. (I'm already married - any takers that wanna let me watch??) Couldn't be a bad thing for the person being proposed to, right?

This is so funny! I'm doing the investigator one. But more realistically, the elevator one. hahahaha

hilarious more funny pics on facebook:

YES! This is hilarious!

it's okay, everyone has these thoughts! AHAHAHA! I have stepped on so many of Andy's lego's and everytime thats when he has to pick them all up or lose them.. He will get this :)

i laughed way too hard at this

How I feel when people try to talk about shows or movies, if they haven't read the books first.

"What year is it?" Paper towel display time traveller... Except you would have to wear clothes that didn't match the season, and come up with a saying (instead of "holy crap") that NOBODY ever used before, and pretend that people of the future say it all the time. [Troll Walmart Project]

Oh man! His face is hilarious, it's like he doesn't even care that millions of people will see this #foreveralone