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I never gave much thought or had stock in horoscopes & zodiac stuff.but this describes me better than I could describe myself! A little smile,Aquarius Tiger Panther,Find yourself,inspiration & sarcasm,Pices

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Scorpio fixed water sign. Zodiac City Fixed sign Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius

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I'd hate to have people think I don't care just because I'm distant. That is why I'm always reaching out: to show that I have emotions beyond this zodiac label. despite a lot of them being accurate about me I am my own person.

Zodiac Society I'm so glad to be with a cancer! Three XXX's in every category. And very true.

Zodiac Compatibility Charts_Aries_Zodiac Society being the lowest 3 being the highest].kinda interesting, and again,it shows the poor compatibility over a Capricorn,ughhh.