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for-me-for-life: For all my newbie/beginning followers - here’s how to start eating clean and healthy!!

JUST THE SOUP RECIPE on the last day! Use low sodium tomatoes and onion soup mix. (The diet could cause serious problems if done as recommended, but doing a sensible combo of 1-6 every day is basically healthy eating.)

The Anti Diet Ok, so this is the blog post I get asked for again & again. I'm not going to give you some faddy diet that will help you lose a stone, only to find it again next month. Why? Because it's a waste of both of our time & it's bad for you. That's why. Instead, I will give you my tips, rules & advice to living your life, & losing weight along the way.

Infographic: 60 Ideas to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Real Food Diet Defined (The Rules) AKA no processed foods! This is my next challenge! I will do at least 10 day. I hesitated to call this a "diet" because people will get the wrong idea because its about healthful choices and not losing weight

Love, love, love this! For Izzy's wall

If you look real close... There is a cat with a 12 gauge in the shadows... Just waiting for an opportune moment...

this was me today haha totally understand how impossible it is not to shriek with laughter... And that's when there's only one!

Hard work and clean eating will help you torch that flabby belly.