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      Are you about to undertake a renovation project for your property? Are you wondering how to get a sturdy platform built for your renovation project? Opt for a scaffolding contractor as it will get you...

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    The musical system known as the Circle of fifths form specific geometries. All matter is a vibration in the structure of space-time and the study of the structure of space is called geometry, therefore music and matter itself is geometry in motion... Image: Marshall Lefferts

    A Monumental Scaffolding of Poplar Wood at Rice Gallery by Ben Butler www.thisiscolossa...

    batik stamps


    PRETTY: The Patterns Of Different Audio Frequencies

    Sacred Geometry Fractal Awakening / Sacred Geometry ♥

    4th dimensional geometry - Google Search

    Holy Crap. These are crystal forms from Mineralogy... dodecahedrons, octohedrons, tetrahedrons... these are SO complicated!

    www.complexitygra... by Tatiana Plakhova

    Gypsy Guitar Scales - Bing Images

    Moon tiles

    Sacred geometry art



    Albrecht Dürer, A plate from the Four Books / Sacred Geometry ♥

    Triple Fibonacci spirals

    Walker Evans, Chrysler Building Under Construction, New York, (1929)

    Sacred Geometry ♥

    Pin by Федор Смехов on Parametric design | Pinterest

    black rock city~ Nevada~ a city of 50000 people for only one week# festival of Burning Man

    geometry and islamic pattern

    If you observed the composition of an atom with a microscope, you would see a small, invisible tornado like vortex, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. www.collective-ev...

    radial array. tom wilcox

    Platonic Solids

    Reference guide for drawing the platonic solids