fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive in the middle of nowhere to go stargazing....mmmm yessss:)

On the bucket list!

camp out in the back of a truckk in the middle of nowhere.

I want to do this! So bad! :)

Your Bucket List.

The perfect bucket list

Blow up kiddie pool filled with pillows and blankets set in the yard to star gaze. No cold or wet blankets!

60 Crazy Things to Do Before You Die

Bucket List.

Wonder if this would work?

It's now on my bucket list, Sarah. That means it MUST happen!

Bucket list

Bucket List

put a glow stick in a cup filled with water and tape the top. this is what happend SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bucket list

ATL Bucket List

This will hopefully be me a lot this summer || camping when I can

The Vintage Tote Bag... This is exactly what I've been looking for...

bucket list