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Original Lauer-Kraut Burgers Recipe from Diners Drive-Ins and Dives episode... this looked so good! Glad I finally found it.

Original Lauer-Kraut Burgers : Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives : Food Network

Cabbage Rolls- These are some of the best things ever! My mom used to call them dinner in a basket, because you could take them to work/school and a couple rolls would be the whole meal. This is made with just cabbage and beef, but you can also substitute sauerkraut for the cabbage

Good instructions Original Runza Recipe with Freezing Instructions:) Oh and Yes I WILL be using my cupcake pan and Grands Flaky Layer Biscuits because that's how I "roll" MUWAHAHAHAH!

Chris and I love to watch Food Network. While we were here we built in 2 free days so we could all so something we wanted to do that not everyone else may have wanted to to do. Since yesterday we did Lego Land and our feet were very tired we decided to do something …

Hodadies Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe

Hodad's(San Diego) as seen on Diners Drive Ins and Dives Bacon Cheeseburger recipe

Chicken Burgers with Cheddar & Spinach

Chicken Burgers + My First Lettuce Harvest!

Chicken Burgers with Spinach & Cheddar - Clean eating, easy recipe would be great for of July BBQ, picnic, or cookout- Made these with ground turkey!

Original Lauer-Kraut Burgers

Original Lauer-Kraut Burgers

Get Original Lauer-Kraut Burgers Recipe from Food Network

Grandma's Cabbage Burgers! A burger/cabbage mixture baked in a roll! (I wonder if you could just Rhoades frozen rolls?)

Grandma's Cabbage Burgers

"dont worry bout me for supper mom im just gonna grab a cabbage burger" Here in Nebraska we have a fast food place called Runza and when i explain to my friends what a Cabbage Burger is they say "oh you mean a Runza?

Grandma's Kraut Burgers on MyRecipeMagic.com. This recipe is inspired by Hubby's grandma and it's all wrapped up in a nice little package of goodness.

Grandma's Kraut Burgers

Grandma’s Baked Kraut Burgers. This idea is inspired by my hubby's grandma and he said it was the best. This kraut burger recipe uses fresh cabbage instead of sauerkraut from a jar. l Lori's Culinary Creations

Kraut Bierok (Cabbage Pockets)

Kraut Bierok (Cabbage Pockets)

Kraut Bierok (Cabbage Pockets) A German recipe. I actually love these so much, I& been known to eat them for breakfast. And if you& got cabbage haters in the family, just substitute rice!

Simple Yummy Kraut Burgers  Easy Dinner German Food I think I'm going to add 1/2 a slice of provolone cheese to these..YUM!

Simple Yummy Kraut Burgers Easy Dinner German Food I think I'm going to add a slice of provolone cheese to these.

Cabbage Burgers Allrecipes.com - -  aka Runzas. Absolutely delicious, a little time consuming but well worth it. Next time, I will roll dough a little thinner. I had left over meat/cabbage mixture, added it to a pot of soup.

Cabbage Burgers "This is a recipe created by Russian German immigrants. It is very popular in the Nebraska, South Dakota region where I am from. Cabbage and ground beef are encased in a neat little bread package.