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Saraswati, Goddess of Learning and Music, Playing a Vina, 1947-48, Y G Srimati; the divine personification of the now-lost Indian river, the Saraswati. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Staff with Serpent, Artist unidentified (United States, 1875–1900), paint on wood, 53 x 5 x 4 3/4 inches (courtesy American Folk Art Museum, photo by José Andrés Ramírez)

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Cthulhu Cookie Mold

#SteamPunk #Lovecraft #Cthulhu #Cookies Cthulhu cookies, I <3 you!!! Mold for sale at:

Dmitriy Artischev: Sacred Geometry

Tree of Life~ Heptacosmos of the Kabbalah with Earth as Daath: the dimension which overlaps all others. Kether is symbolized as the Milky Way being the God-Head or highest possible state of consciousness. This diagram theoretically depicts all cosmic paths within theosophy, from the beginning of creation to end of days and rebirth.

Why are Fibonacci numbers so prevalent in plants? The answer must have to do with symmetry: How does one arrange the leaves on a stem (or the seeds in a head) in such a way so as to simultaneously keep: the plumbing (xylem and phloem vessels) simple; the orientation suitable to ensure exposure to light (leaves) or tightest packing (seeds); and the mechanical support rigid.