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Artist : Carl Heinrich Bloch (Danish , 1834 - Title : The Sermon On the Mount Date : 1877 Medium : oil on copper Dimensions : 104 × 92 cm × in) Current location : Private Collection. Carl Heinrich Bloch (May 1834 - February was a Danish painter. Google+

This has probably got to be the best pin I have found on Pinterest! I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe! Toto's 'Africa' is one of my favorite songs ever!

Would have been such a funny prank to pull on Dad when he was still pastor at Knollwood! ;) @Pamela Patrick

Many migrant workers and minorities are stuck working low wage jobs particularly those involved in agriculture. They feed America yet they struggle to provide for their own families. It is a constant struggle that rains down for generation to generation. Children often must leave school in order to work alongside their parents to maintain their family and the cycle continues in which minorities are stuck in poverty.