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  • Chrissy Daydreamer

    Blue Jellyfish thingy

  • Caatje Staats

    Beautiful jellyfish

  • Jenni Cartwright

    Coral Reef Photos blog’s Barry Brown describes a recent visit of thousands of Blue Button jelly fish (which are not really jellyfish) to the shores of Curaçao. On his blog, Brown describes “the beautiful little blue visitor”: Wilbur Hot Springs via Monterey Bay Aquarium onto Dazzling Designs and Patterns in Nature 1

  • Lydney

    BLUE BUTTON JELLYFISH, PORPITA PORPITA, HYDROZOA -Barry Brown has spent the last seven years documenting life above and below water in Curacao

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Blue Buttons are not true jellyfish, but are Chondrophores. These are actually colonies of polyps. In other words, they are like a tiny colony of animals.

Fascinantes imágenes de medusas - jellyfish

Blue Button Porpita porpita, commonly known as the blue button jellyfish, is not actually a jellyfish, but is a marine organism consisting of a colony of hydroids found in tropical and sub-tropical waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans.

"porpita porpita - the blue button jelly - is a neustonic species mostly found in the tropics; that is, it floats near the surface of the water. The circular disc is made of chitin and filled with gas, allowing these jellies to float. The tentacles (zooids) radiating from the disc do all the feeding."

Turritopsis dohrnii: The Benjamin Button of the deep.

Blue Azul Blau by Bryan de Leon, via Flickr repinned by

massive jellyfish. Got to figure out how to make a jelly costume for Halloween for D!

Pelagia noctiluca, (Águilas, Spain) by Alfonso Gonzalez: In Latin, Pelagia means "of the sea", nocti stands for night and luca means light and As its name implies P. noctiluca has the ability to bioluminesce. Light is given off in the form of flashes when the medusa is stimulated by turbulence created by a ship’s motion or by waves. This flashing is only of relatively short duration and gradually fades. #Jellyfish

Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic

Onze Zoomeravonden animaties gaan over de dierentuin, En een gedeelte daarvan speelt zich af in een aquarium. Daarom hebben we onderzoek gedaan naar vissen, kwallen, aquariums etc. pink fo sho. taken by pixelmama

✿ Porpita porpita has a small disc like body and floats freely in the water column. Related to the jellyfish, this species measures just one inch in diameter. Image courtesy of Islands in the Stream 2002 ✿