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wasn't sure where to pin is a beautiful act of nature...National geographic, 1981..awesome how you can see the pattern of the wind in the

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Spectacular pictures of nature at its wildest, captured by the storm chasers who risk their lives to follow twisters


Professional storm chaser

In Idaho we call these "Dust Devils." "Landspout Tornado, Western Kansas, 2008" - A rare, close-range photo of a non-supercellular tornado, filled with swirling dirt, grinding across a farm road in western Kansas on May 8, 2008."---By Jim Reed- this is not photo shopped. Jim is one of the most accomplished severe weather photographers in the world.

"Don't let the beauty beguile you. A tornado is deadly! ! !" When 18 I experienced my first Tornado... As a child I wanted to discover a way to predict them a couple days in advance so people could be totally prepared. that dream also included earthquakes and other natural disasters.