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  • Michelle George

    <3 my crazy kids

  • Jessi Zehr

    LOL I thought this was cute, after many days of teaching kids who demanded to dress themselves that morning. :D

  • Uca Bryan

    ...aaand wheres the parent while this is happening? Seriously, if your child does this more than a couple times, she obviously needs some guidance! Learning to dress appropriately starts at an early age...

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AMEN! Couldn't tell ya how many times cody has done this and then it's magically there when I look

haha! I have to make sure my daughter knows when I go because she has to be in there. Otherwise she freaks out and bangs on the door til I let her in! kids ...

And I'm becoming more and more at peace with it :) some nights it sucks, but most days I feel grateful for the courage to allow my own inner spirit the time and space to become whole before I share this privacy again ❤️

Hey guys! Okay so everybody is unfollowing me for some reason? So this may be my last post. People are being so rude and hurtful. I haven't been on in a while because I've been so busy! But I do love you all! Bye for now unless someone can stop me!:(

I confess - I am the first one - PRIMARLY because they set the danged decorations up in the middle of summer.

everyone click on this link. i guarantee it will make you smile no matter what kind of day you're having

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Gilmore Girls, Scandal, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, One Tree Hill and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

And in the midwest, it means getting pulled behind a speedboat on a tube at breakneck speeds.