This is the best explanation of Sherlock and Johns relationship ever. << We don't know Sherlocks sexuality/ romantic orientation though

It's so true. I think Sherlock brings John back to life in a way that nobody else could have done.

You don't mess with Mrs. Hudson. . .

Exactly how many times DID he fall out the window?

Johnlock Sherlock | my gifs sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch johnlock 500 mys ...

my gifs sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch johnlock 500 mys testing out my new ram with biiiiig gifs YAY

Transposing the scene to modern day London #sherlockholmes

It's also a Sidney Paget drawing!


In your face Anderson! & Donavan, while your at it, stop being such a jerk! Everyone hates you two.


He really does his face it just needs to be accompanied by a cat a specifically stuck up cat

Maybe when Molly becomes a little more detached from him or at least from her feelings for him. I see a bit of a Julie/Bryce (Flipped) or Ginny/Harry (Harry Potter) possibility there.

Someone else who agrees. I ship Molly and Sherlock even though it will never happen. I can hope, right?

Kindly ask him to wait, close the door, go find a pillow scream into it like a crazy fangirl and then open the door, ready to assist him on a case.

I would hug him in his big black coat, ruffle his hair, and scream "I accept!" But then he'd probably change his mind.


"I couldn't be the only one who wanted to yell "Allons-y Alonso!" at him the whole episode!" No, previous pinner.