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    Arnold Of Villanova From Maier Symbola Aurea Mensae 1617

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    It would be fun to brew tea with alchemical retorts and flasks....

    Alchemical symbols on The Hand of Philosophy, from 1667. A salamander surrounded by flames can be seen on the palm.

    Alchemical Emblems, Occult Diagrams, and Memory Arts: Ars Notoria

    Alchemy: Image from page 1078 of Johann Michael Faust. Compendium Alchymist, Pandora Explicata & Figuris Illustrata, 1706. | Flickr - Photo Sharing. An #Alchemy artwork.

    thegetty: speciesbarocus: Alchemical manuscript. [box 04] From Manly Palmer Hall’s Collection.

    The English Emblem Book Project - Autor ego audendi ('I am the author of being bold') -- gorgeous image!


    Poems and alchemical symbols William Cooper, The Philosophical Epitaph of W. C. Esquire. 1673.

    Mediaeval Engraving 1

    Biodiversity Heritage Library

    From the Biodiversity Heritage Library

    earth's crust with the evolutionary history of the species j.l. agassiz - 1851


    n766_w1150 by BioDivLibrary, via Flickr

    Anatomie modèle femme (1937)

    1894 electricity original antique science laboratory print.

    Cabala Mineralis Manuscript Engraving 3

    Images of the Occult

    The Ernst Mayr Library, via Flickr

    ➰ Alchemy is most commonly described in chemical terms, and alchemists were also frequently chemists. The common concept of turning lead into gold is about refining the coarse and common into the rare and the perfect (art via tracciamenti) Sacred Geometry ♥