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Long and Short Stitch Shading Lesson 6: A Simple Leaf

Long & Short Stitch shading in hand embroidery on

Burden Stitch. It is a middle age stitch and a type of a cushion stitch. It is used to cover large areas in an embroidery piece and gives a woven effect to the fabric.

Citrus Slices: 1) stem stitch an outer circle; 2) chain stitch just inside the stem stitch; 3) stem stitch 8-10 segments, evenly spaced in the circle; 4) starting from the point of each segment, stitch two long chains on the LHS, finishing just inside the top edge, repeat this on the RHS, then fill the middle with additional chain stitches; and 5) complete all the segments in the same manner. Note: that there are three tones of a single colour for each slice.


Stitch Fun! Lattice Filling – Griffin Stitch