Antique Yelloware Bowl Small Egg Separator T.G. Green Church Gresley England 1880s Ceramic Pottery-----oh wow, I wish!

Antique Miller-Fleet 3 gallon stoneware crock from old Virginia. Generally good condition consistent with age- a couple minor chips of the glaze near the rim and a crack near the bottom on one side. Salt-glaze with hand-painted cobalt blue flourishes. Large and heavy (free shipping, domestic only)

Four gallon stoneware crock stamped “Ottman Bros & Co., Fort Edward, NY,” H 11 1/2"

Antique Blue Cow Crock

Bee Sting Crock | Antique Stoneware Blue Slip Decorated Bumble Bee Sting Crock | eBay

Antique Accessories in Old Paint Original Surface Americana

A fancy tea set with just the right amount of whimsy. Antique Wedgwood Tea Set

Prim Cupboard...filled with olde crocks.. Don't forget, these were the equivalent to 'tupperware' in 1800s

handshake crock...would love to have this to add to my stoneware!

Vintage Antique Cobalt Decorated Stoneware 2 Gallon Crock John Burger Rochester | eBay

nice antique mom had quite an inventory of green crockware. This pic made me miss her...

It took a bid of $114,000 to win this cobalt blue salt glazed stoneware eagle and shield double-handled four-gallon jug, Ohio, dating from the second half of the Nineteenth Century. It is inscribed "Chapman Weson and Wright Manufacturers, Middleburg, O."

I have a small bowl like this that was my great grandmothers. . . Antique 1800's Stoneware Bowl With Blue Slip Bands...

My little white home by Nadine; old jars

Vintage Cookie Cutters in a Bowl

.....old ironstone pitchers - I have a collection of these sitting on my shelves too!

this one's a hoot:)

Farmhouse Stoneware Measuring Cups Love the Farmhouse EVERYTHING! I am crazy about antiques. This just goes hand in hand. My new home. Can't wait!

Blue and white vintage. I WANT to collect blue and white pitchers, but I'm completely and totally OUT OF ROOM! mr

antique marbles

So love salt glazed pottery......