For your Table at Easter

Jelly Bean Centerpiece - start with large rectangle vase and put smaller drinking glass inside; fill jelly beans around in between the vase and drinking glass. Can use solid colors, too

Read more ideas to jump-start your spring table decor.To create a dramatic and colorful spring centerpiece, place yellow tulips in a simple vase, and anchor the blooms with lime slices. If you have a long table, arrange a few of these down the center.

Pretty centerpiece for Easter table

An Easter Egg Bowl Centerpiece pulls the entire table theme and is the focal point for Easter decorations. Add character to your Easter table with an Easter Egg Bowl Centerpiece.

más y más manualidades: Centros de mesa con flores y dulces. Muy fácil!

Get inspired to create your own Easter Centerpieces with Peeps and potted bulbs. Choose colors to match your decor! Let the kids help you make this craft.

Cute Easter Centerpiece

Marshmallow Peeps Craft: Easter Centerpiece (Great idea with any holiday Peep)

DIY Salt Dough Eggs. Perfect craft for the kids to make for Easter.

DIY: Salt Dough Eggs & Decorating A change up on easter egg decorating and hunts!

Decoración de la Mesa en Primavera y Pascua | ENSALPICADAS

Decoración de la Mesa en Primavera y Pascua

Vegetable Lined Floral Vases: Baby carrots and lettuce leaves look so unique when arranged around the inside of a wide vase. To keep them propped up - simply place a smaller vase inside the larger one with your flowers and line the veggies in between.

Hola chicas!!! Les tengo unas practicas y hermosas ideas para hacer sus centro de mesa para el día de pascua, todo los pueden conseguir fácilmente y eso no quiere decir que no van a quedar hermosos y lo mas importante es que puedes usar muchas de las cosas que ya tienes en casa y te ahorraras mucho dinero.

A Lemon Drop and Peep Tulip Bouquet. A glass inside the glass vase keeps the flowers and water out of the surrounding decorations.

egg tree - cute  pussy willows in a bucket of "grass"

Easter Egg Tree, when I was young, we had an Easter tree made of pussy willow branches. I just loved it!

Never thought about children's breakfast cereal being pastels...

Sweet, Family Summer DIY Projects

Love this idea for table decor: Place 1 vase inside another -> fill gap with candy, etc. -> fill inner vase halfway with water -> secure flowers with rubber band -> place inside inner vase. (Those fruit loops loke disgusting but the idea is cute!