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I like the sculptural relief elements of this project. I would have the kids create painted pieces separately with a base coat of black or white then add pattern/design. Assemble all on last day.

Hastings Elementary in Duncaville, TX Mrs. Marks Art Program: Line Sculpture-The students used construction paper, pencil, black Sharpie, rulers, 6x6 pieces of white posterboard, and examples of thick straight line, thin straight line, zig-zag line, curved line, and dotted line to create a 3D Line Sculpture.

Interesting Mondrian project - This is a neat concept, to take a famous art style and mix it with something new or different.

Great use for old panty hose and an exciting new 3D surface for kids to paint on. Needs parental/teacher involvement, as if that's a bad thing! Click through for more ideas. snibblesandbits.b...