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I love to see the hop and skip and sudden starts of your ink. ― A.S. Byatt, Possession

I'd rather wait for months than seconds for my beloveds' message. The penmanship, the smell of the paper, the folds and creases - handwritten letters are far more precious and lovelier than screen-texts.

This is so true! I love writing letters and making cards, but of course the receiving is also a party every time you open your mailbox and see something there!! I also LOVE Richard Scary. :)

For those very in-the-pink calls!

Looks nice, right? Would you believe that's actually just dried blood from all the violence in Syria? Nah, me neither.

Talk the Talk: Blogger Biz Buzzwords ( from IFB) ( photo: katespadeny.tumbl... )

We love Transforming chaiRs in all colours but especially loving the pink

pink phone box....ok so it's not really "dream home" stuff...but I would totally want one of these in my living room...with the phone in it. because i am weird like that.