Ameera Paone

Bella modeled by Ameera - purple #bellydance costume

Benefits of belly dance. I also had a physical therapist tell me it's one of the best exercises to eliminate incontinence issues.

Love the cutout on this purple Bella!

purple_skirt by Sandra BellyDance, via Flickr

Beatiful bellydance costume in purple + green

Ameera in a royal blue Bella.


Bella. I want.

Tribal Fusion Bellydance Bundle! :D


BlackSilver_Ameera2_WEB by Ameera Paone, via Flickr

Ameera professional bellydancer.

Pharonic Bella Belly Dance & Tribal Costume #bellydance or #tribalcostume#dance


#belly dance

IndianBella_WEB by Ameera Paone, via Flickr

TandGTabla_FNL_WEB by Ameera Paone, via Flickr

Ameera in purple

Ameera in Bella

purple pink bella belly dance bellydance costume