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Pom-Pom Maker Demonstration - YouTube

how to crochet a mollie flower http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG_GRbnoiKg&list=PLxipyNkFwiOs2Kl9K_ic4I6PUY94OhoFg&index=22

How to Join Granny Squares as you go, our favorite way of attaching crochet motifs together #video

▶ Arm Knitting - The Fast & Easy Way to Knit a Scarf! - YouTube

To straighten yarn that has been previously knit/crocheted. A kettle with hot water to just below the spout. Pass the yarn through the lid, and up through the spout, slowly pulling it through so the steam unkinks the yarn. For real?? Definitely doing this.

Two Ways to Use a Knitting Fork, or "Lucet"

Changing colors without knots - crocheting

Eliza Gran Pom Pom Basket - Medium// see how expensive this is? you can make it yourself with a much cheaper basket and diy Pom poms!!

Very good explanation. How to create an even crochet edging on your work. Video tutorial - so useful!

Crochet Dragon - Free Pattern.

How to Make Strong Pom Poms that WON'T come apart - Full Tutorial (includes the surgeon's knot)

How to make a crochet leaf. I love this woman she's a great teacher.

How to make slippers with a round knitting loom - YouTube

Crochet an i-cord (right-handed version)

How to: Avoiding Tangled Centers.

Crochet Loop Stitch (right-handed version)

"Flicking" is a fast, but unusual, way of knitting right-handed. Because the right needle is never released to wrap the yarn, it is comparable to the speed of continental knitting.

Loom Knitting Tutorials

Post stitches and cables with Red Heart Yarns

Pom Pom Edge « The Yarn Box

Pom-pom bunnies!!! Pom-pom making is infinitely satisfying, and how cute are these bunnies??