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The peacock (symbol of the end of Albedo), next to an open flask. -- Aurora consurgens - Aurea hora, ca 1420 lllustration n°15

A planetary deity (Mars, or Mangala) flanked by Kārttikeya on his peacock, and Lakshmi seated on a lotus borne aloft by four elephants. Attributed to: Mahesh. Pahari School, Chamba Style. Date 1725-1750 (circa). Painted in: Panjab Hills

Ma'at is the ancient Egyptian Goddess who personified physical and moral law, order and truth. She held a scepter in one hand, the ankh (the symbol of life) in the other, and wore a peacock feather on her head. It was when the world was created and chaos was eliminated that the principles of Ma'at were set in place.