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After spending a busy day in my classroom, I love walking in the room after the kids leave and hear nothing!

I also love going around neighborhoods looking at all the Christmas lights. But there's something really awesome about looking in someone's window and seeing their Christmas tree lit up. It makes me feel warm on the inside.

Happy Friday folks! From us all @ Contraband Events! Performers | Entertainment Agency | Corporate Event Entertainment / UK Talent Booking Agency / Celebrity / Famous Artistes / London / UK

Oh yeah...did this today after graduation...was super duper thirst...the cold water was the absolute best!!!

Little Things - You take the most perfect pictures...

just little things ~ leaving you with this thought tonight ~ sleep well all.

"I thank God I ain't what I almost was." ~Eric Church

It honestly doesn't get any better! My husband, friends, & family make me the happiest woman in the world :)

Just Little Things ... I always turn the radio up when this happens.

its always been the little things that make me smile