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Most Funny Divers Facial Expressions

Olympic divers + photo shop = I just laughed way too long at this!

looooooooooooooooooool xD the facial expression makes it a million times better

Funny Diver Face(s) These are a riot. Not laughing at, just laughing near these athletes.

How divers really look ... My son has laughed until he's hoarse from looking at these! :)


This Is How Olympic Divers Really Look While Diving. Tons of concentration and muscles flexing.

Photos of Olympic divers mid-dive....the ultimate awkward pictures....YES.

Ken Terauchi of Japan dives in the Men's 3m Springboard preliminary / this is actually the only reason why I am not an Olympic diver.

Do you know how funny this would be though...

Freeze frame on Olympic divers... or just really ripped really amped people in speedos?


Too funny

This is funny because I do this!

Somehow funny


Awkward Moments

Funny Pictures Of The Day

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 103 Pics *Hahahahahahaha*

Exactly how I used to be hahaha

No gorillas....