Great ideas for turning the day around!

Helping kids control their emotions.

"Quirky Discipline Rules That Work". Mostly just the idea that to have well-behaved kids, parents need to stick to their guns.

Wow! What an awesome list!

Great list of tips for giving consequences to kids.

20 Little Habits - Simple and Good

10 Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child - These are really good ideas. Simple, everyday things. YES!! Great site!! I LOVE THESE!!!

21 Creative Consequences For Kids. some of these are really good!

These are kid-tested fun! 7 year old boy lists his favorite apps for kids {game apps} and over 50% of them are FREE!

Collection of the best kid jokes. Silly but oh so flippin' funny!

Chore List for all ages (Free Printable)

Guidelines for Leaving Kids Home Alone with Printable via Thirty Handmade Days

Want Happier Kids? Try These 10 Scientifically Proven Tips. #Parenting #Happiness

How I get my kids to clean their room: 8 simple battle strategies. Very interesting article about one moms battle to get her kids to keep their room clean, and the 8 strategies that have worked for her.

Teaching children about prayer is more than showing them how to do it. It's showing them when they get an answer.

Learning and memorizing Scripture doesn't have to be hard for preschoolers and young kids. Here's 5 different methods of memorizing Scripture with your kids

Give kids a "Secret Service" mission. Tell them for 1 week, they have to do something for someone else without "blowing their cover." A fun, interactive way to get kids serving others

stop watching, start playing

Emotions can be very big and scary things when you're a child, and not just for younger children. Help kids identify and understand their emotions.