The Blu Bungalow's Watermelon Margarita (via Anthropologie- love it!)

Watermelon Margaritas

Watermelon margaritas!!!


Watermelon Margarita

Vanilla Grapefruit Margaritas

Boozy Watermelon Coconut Refresher via A House in the Hills

Eva Longoria’s watermelon margarita is the perfect summer cocktail to cool off with! Perfect since I'm watching Desperate housewives. :P

Watermelon margaritas.

Mango-Cilantro Margarita cocktail.The combination of sweet mango and the unique flavour of cilantro makes this cocktail an outstanding pairing with spicy food. #recipe #recipes

Blueberry basil margarita

Champagne Mango Margarita | Recipe Ingredients 2 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons sugar 1/2 cup fresh orange juice 1/2 cup tequila 1/4 cup mango nectar 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1/4 cup Triple Sec 3 Champagne mangoes, peeled, seeded, chopped, and frozen (about 3 cups) 3 dried pequín chiles or chiles de árbol 1 cup ice 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, divided 3/8 teaspoon sugar 1 lime wedge Preparation Prep Time: 15 Minutes Total: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes 1. Combine 2 tablespoons water and 2 tablespoons sugar i

Frozen Watermelon Margarita

Peach Margarita's