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Ahh the roach clip with feathers.... remember wearing these on your jeans, pocketbook, even in your hair in the 80s?

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The 90's

The Caboodle! Every girl had one back in the 80's..... My aunt Shirley bought me one when I was in jr. high school....... that was 25 or so years ago...... I still have it too (minus the mirror that eventually fell out.... AND up to just a couple or so years ago I used it still...... it's packed away now.

70s - 80s: Dr. Scholl's clogs! These were wood and leather and were actually very comfortable! Wish they would bring them back!

Generra Hypercolor - The fabric reacted to heat by changing color. Sounds awesome, right? Sure, if you want to walk around all day with your underarms and butt a different color than the rest of you.