the waves of the sea, help me get back to me. I love the ocean, beach and waves. The waves of the sea, also help me get back to's been too long for me....the oceans calling me.....I may be lost as a result of not making it to the sea in so long. I need to go. :-)

A cottage by the sea.

Free because of His grace

For me it is the sea!

control your emotions or they'll control you.


We're back to: It depends. Being had by a purpose or vision drives an individual to be better tomorrow than today at fulfilling that purpose or vision. It is about doing good work and finding meaning in what I do. If not then a rainy day at the beach might be better to inspire me as to what I want to commit to regarding my contribution, purpose, vision and meaning in my life.

At the Beach

So true!!!!!!

Unique and Beautiful Beach Decor Reclaimed Wood Sign Handpainted

So true!

Surf. #theswelllife @SWELL Style Style Style #quotes


Is it summer yet?

Be grateful!!

Ocean, quote, cute quote, pretty, girly quote

Water, the ocean. the River. the Gulf, the Beach.. Just I love Water... Jesus was at the water a lot... I feel renewed at the water...

the sea, the sea!

Wish I could multi slack every day!

The beach is my happy place. Ocean Beach Quotes & Sayings: