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Here's a great model for studying the phases of the moon. Can you imagine what you'll see when you put your head through the hole?

Phases of the Moon interactive display. MO Science Students put their heads in the middle and rotate. Great way to see that the only things that are really changing are the location and angle/perspective.

How the moon phases got their names.// This looks like dna spiral strand when you scroll the page, fascinating. MW

These are the phase of the moon. The moon goes through phases because of the way the moon, earth, and sun orbit. My favorite phase is a Full Moon. I like this phase because the moon looks really bright and it is really pretty.

Free Moon Phases Mini Book

Moon Phases - FREE printable mini book to help kids learn about the different moon phases. Great for an astronomy unit, using a telescope, or as a pocket guide to take while camping for a summer activity for kids.

PUPPENSTUBEN BASTELN    Dafür braucht es nicht viel: leere Kartonschachteln und einige Wohnzeitschriften oder alte Möbelkataloge. Lassen Sie die Kinder Bilder von Zimmern aus den Magazinen schneiden und die Innenseiten der Kartonschachteln damit bekleben. So entsteht mit wenig Aufwand ein todschickes Puppenhaus. (Bild über: Roomor)

This is why I keep all my magazines! I remember using magazines multiple times for school projects! But this-Really cool idea - cardboard doll house with magazine pictures. Could do with a firehouse/something more boyish, too.

Body System Foldable

Great idea for grade human body unit - Actual Project Life Science Anatomy Human Body Organ Systems Foldable

cloud lesson :)

"Babbling Abby" did a whole grade level weather unit where each teacher taught one component of weather. She taught about clouds by creating cloud people for each cloud type =)

The students will create a flipbook that shows the positions of the sun, earth and moon during the phases of the moon.  The students will shade in ...

Moon Phases Flipbook - Students will create a flipbook that shows the positions of the sun, earth and moon during the phases of the moon.