Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock. Plays the TARDIS noise when the alarm goes off. I want this!

SERIOUSLY want this....the light flashes on top when it rings....

TARDIS Mosaic Lantern - want

Yep...that's a TARDIS wedding ring. That's insanely awesome.

TARDIS fridge

The only nightlight that will keep you safe.


Doctor Who Tardis Duvet Set<<< this is the best thing ever omg the tardis now aka your BED. Get in it and go to different worlds, any where you want! Back in time, the future OMGGG

Tardis, Doctor Who Quote the episode the Doctor said it in made me cry😭

TARDIS wristwatch

Tardis travel mug

TARDIS in Wonderland

TARDIS shed! hahaha Love this!

Awesome! - Tardis how to :O


ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot

Steampunk Doctor Who Inspired Tardis Key Necklace on Etsy, $12.00

Tardis Mini-Fridge

Doctor Who Tardis Tank....NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED...Sorry i'm getting a little carried away......NEEEEEEEED..There we go.

TARDIS.. beautiful.