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I don't care what anyone says. He is the greatest villain that has ever existed!!!!!!!! EVER!

carnage spiderman



I got Carnage: You’re kind of a maniac, and don’t care if following your whims ends up hurting other people. You’re very scary, to be honest. Take the quiz to see which Spiderman villain you are

Spiderman, Venom, & Carnage


Venom- I'm kinda excited for the new Spider-Man movie...CGI looks a bit off in the trailers but overall it looks pretty good. Is it just me or is anyone hoping to see some Carnage action??? :)

Carnage and Venom Yin Yang T-Shirt

The Dark Knight

Batman by Dustin Nguyen in Detective Comics #866

Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage


here bully by doubleleaf - I laughed a bit too much at this.

"Supervillain Highschool Yearbook. The difficult years.." - I think I have this but it's too precious not to pin again lol


Spiderman. Carnage. Venom. marvel.

Spider-man by NakedMazaFaker


Carnage by Adnan Ali *