I am determined to use this quote one day! i love the use of "well" eleven said it but i read it in ten's voice.

Doctor Who

So do good.

another favorite quote

This describes them so well.

When you're felling like someones 10th choice, remember how much everyone loves David Tennant. And how Whovians seem to hack all posts.

I want to steal a time lord...

Sad Rose is a wise Rose.

The Doctor describing River Song ♥


Just stories.

<3 The Doctor <3

I declare a Time War.


One of my favorites

All the time. :b

06x01: The Impossible Astronaut

Yet in spite of all this, there are people who think this show is stupid...

I love David Tennant

those of you who dont get it..the silence are aliens that were there for centuries. but as soon as you look away from them, you forget the whole encounter. To keep track of how many times theyve seen them, the Doctor and his companions always carry a marker to make a line on thier arms for everytime they see one...this would so freak out a Dr.Who fan