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Could not agree more! You're still bitter if u have not moved on from complaining about past situations and still bashing ppl involved,only hurts urself and ur future. Hope folks like this find peace someday.....

Bitterness is a result of clinging to negative experiences. It serves you no good, and closes the door to your future. -Leon Brown by deepli.

Ridding yourself of anxiety is a mental exercise; keeping it away is a mental habit. #PowerfulQuotes

Ridding yourself of anxiety is a mental exercise; keeping it away is a mental habit. #PowerfulQuotes

Do not get upset with people or situations ~ both are powerless without your reaction.

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I NEED to remember this. They will never see my reaction to their bullshit again! I closed the door and will never open it for them again

Real Shit..☮☮

She is clothed in strength and dignity. Be clothed in strength, forgive, forget, and don't let the past dictate how you respond in the future. I have the amazing gift of easily forgiving people, but forgetting.


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Life is amazing. And then it's awful. That's just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it's breatakingly beautiful.

Sometimes it takes a heartbreak....

Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we& settling for.

I stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand from their level of perception

People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear. Stop explaining.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle gossip quotes

Kuvahaun tulos haulle gossip quotes