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    • NPCA

      26 Glaciers exist in Glacier National Park today but 150 used to be there in 1850 #climatechange

    • Oi-Pying 愛平唐 Tang (Serenity Tang)

      National Parks Conservation Association: Climate change has arrived in America’s National Parks. Native trees and animals are losing ground because changing temperature and weather patterns are making the availability of food, water, and shelter less certain. Fish and wildlife are being driven from their national park homes by changes that are unfolding faster than the animals’ ability to adapt. If we fail to act, some wildlife may even go extinct.

    • Jess Tonn

      Do you know how many glaciers are left in Glacier National Park?

    • Becka Jackson

      Glaciers #environment

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    Our national parks are too important to neglect! They deserve adequate funding!

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    Bill McKibben wrote the first public-aimed book on climate change, went on to write 12 books in total, founded 350 which organized 15,000 climate actions since 2009, and was called "probably the world's leading environmentalist" by the Boston Globe in '10. AKA, he's a true boss and inspiration - check out 350-dot-org to get involved and find the answer to...what the heck does 350 mean?! PC: Nancie Battaglia.

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    Next time you hear someone say "no one gives a sh*t about climate change," show them this photo.

    Infographic - how climate change is endangering animals.

    Climate Change....are you still in denial?

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    The so-called global warming “debate” is actually not new. As early as 1979 scientists predicted that increasing CO2 levels could have a disastrous impact on our planet. In the short documentary "Science and Distortion", decorated scientist Stephen Schneider discusses how the influence of special interest groups is the real cause of the public's disagreement on climate change.

    Dr. Kevin Anderson (Tyndall Centre for Climate Change) has been speaking about how climate change is much worse than many people know. Anderson says that it is still technically possible to address climate change before it is too late, but the necessary actions to do so are not being taken. The above quotation is from: rsta.royalsociety...

    This climate change infographic is an example of how statistics and other calculations can be used to support the evidence of climate change. For example, there has never been another time in all of the Earth's history that carbon dioxide levels and temperatures have risen like they have within the past few decades.

    This is from a working paper about how climate change could affect agriculture & humanity’s ability to feed itself. The paper is discussed in The New York Times: green.blogs.nytim... You can read the paper, to see what you think about it, here:

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    Kumi Naidoo (Executive Director, Greenpeace International) is discussing the scale of the response that must take place in order to avert catastrophic #climate change before it is too late.

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    Climate Change kills poor people & wildlife

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