• Courtney Boak

    The waterfall braid! I love this…this lady at my moms salon did this for me!

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Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair-- Beach hair! #inspiration #details #hair

Waterfall braid done perfectly. Can't wait to grow my hair back out and do this... Or better yet, have a baby girl so I can play with her hair!!!

the trick is to pick up from the same place underneath each time that you drop a strandf...not just random pieces as you go along. (pull the piece from underneath OVER the dropped strand to hold it in place)

PREP IT: Mist a texturizing spray like Kérastase V.I.P., $37, on dry hair. Section hair into two parts from ear to ear: one upper half, one lower half. Divide upper half down the middle in two. Braid all three sections. LOOSEN IT: After fastening each braid with clear elastics, use fingers to gently pull the edges a little. This will create a soft, lived-in effect. Work slowly to keep braids from unraveling. KNOT IT: Tie top two braids into a loop just above the nape of your n