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I check it every morning and and every night before bed.

Stand behind the troops. I love this. God Bless the military men and women and their families!

Loving a Military Man ... So very true. And wouldn't change it for the world

this is the life. I struggle. I fall. I miss you. I cry. I pick myself up and let the cycle repeat until i see you again. But yet again i wouldnt trade my life. not now not ever because i said me and you .. forever ♥

You only truly understand if you have been there. . .and no, your love taking a business trip for a week is NOT the same. . .not even close. . .

#64543 thing to NOT say to a military spouse at the end of a deployment - 'Oh, that went by so fast!' Just, no.

even a phone call that last just a couple minutes or seconds can make your day or entire week

It is worth it! Pin this if you know what this kind of hug feels like. -

True love means separated but nothing changes

if only I could hold you on the day you leave and the day you come home. I fucking hate your job.