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  • Jennifer Sturgess

    Adam and I are talking about growing an indoor fruit tree... if we can only find a dwarf tree small enough... he likes the idea of an orange tree, I'm hoping for a cherry or a lime tree :)

  • Nola Ledford

    Growing citrus plants. I want a Lime tree!!!

  • Rece

    5 Steps To Successful Indoor Fruit Trees, I think I'd have room for this. Just maybe not the green thumb.

  • Gymgirl *

    DWARF CITRUS TREES: Calamondin (indoor) orange trees, meyer lemon, or key lime trees all make great, hearty indoor plants.

  • S E R A F I N I ~A M E L I A

    Mix Home & Garden Ideas| Serafini Amelia| Indoor citrus tree

  • Nan Beck

    orange tree... one of our lovely mums asked us last week what to do with citrus fruits as her tree was filling the fruit bowl quicker then she could say marmalade! xx

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