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  • Ashley Gott

    make the world in a pop bottle! use 2 liter bottles and stuff you can find in the woods. ours is still working a month later! - i remember doing this in elementary school!

  • L G

    * Soda Bottle Terrarium - mamascout: make a world in a pop bottle

  • Christine Fetterly

    Kids Science / make a world in a pop bottle

  • Monica W

    mini eco system in a bottle

  • Anna Meyer

    make the world in a pop bottle! use 2 liter bottles and stuff you can find in the woods. ANOTHER PERFECT CAMPING CRAFT! :)

  • Natalie Poulson

    Pop bottle ecosystem

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Bottle Ecosystem, This is the most awesome class idea to teach ecosystems! Its self contained and you can observe the activity for the rest of the year. No mess no fuss and all of this cost about 17 dollars.

i'm so torn between creating an ecosystem (shown here) or a terrarium. they're both awesome, but i only have enough supplies for one or the

bottle ecosystems, I remember doing these in 5th grade...I wanna do these in my class!

Building an Eco-Column Grow plants and watch animals thrive in a mini ecosystem! The eco-column demonstrates how the natural filtering system works in an ecosystem, life science experiment. Visit bottle biology for a list of plants, animals, and activities for your mini ecosystem.

Self Contained ecosystems in a bottle, perfect for a hand on science lab.

Biome projects for ecosystems

Here's what you'll need: 3 empty and clear 2-liter bottles clear packing tape aquarium gravel (or fine, rinsed pea gravel) water de-chlorinator (optional) rubber band 4-inch square piece of netting soil mustard, rye or alfalfa seeds fish, snails or other aquatic life elodea or other aquarium plants duck weed crickets, pill bugs or earthworms a couple dead leaves or small sticks

Self-contained Ecosystems. I would use "sea monkeys" instead of guppies on the bottom....

Lots of ideas for school at this site. This is a fun activity for the end of the school year.

Learn about the five senses and investigate different types of food with these creative taste test science experiments for kids.