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helpfull tips... the elevator is sooo true!!

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15 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify Your World

15 Clever

Clever Life

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Clever Handy

15 Ingenious

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Clever Life Hacks to Simplify Your World:

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These are some useful tricks

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42 Craft Project Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell

Wax Paper Transfers

Rub On Transfers

Window Transfers

Transfers Printed

Create Transfers

Design Transfers

Wax Paper Crafts

Printing On Wood Wax Paper

Carbon Paper Crafts

How to transfer a photo onto a slab of wood… for a unique diy photo display.. I know I will want this later in life

WonderHowTofrom WonderHowTo

How to Turn a Cardboard Box into a Cheap DIY Smartphone Projector

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Diy Iphone Charger

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Smart Phone Projector


Food tips that make life easier.

Bagel Tote

Frozen Grapes

The Grapes

Wine Grapes

Add Frozen



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Awesome Food

Some food tips that will change your life… #foodtips {love the one with the frozen grapes in the wine!}

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use a panty liner to block sweat/deodorant stains (for sweaters, etc.)

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Surprising Cleaning New Uses

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cleaning tricks

Target Shopping

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Shopping Hacks Saving Money

Happy Shopping

Target discount tip.....

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Coffee Thing

Cup Coffee


Cutting Board

The Office

Awesome Sheeit

978 Pixels

Genius Life Hacks

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How to save lots of money on small batteries

Watch Batteries

Watch Battery

Battery Hack

Batteries Wonder

Battery Trick

Battery Save

Volt Battery

Battery Info

Batteries Click


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12 Lifehacks that will change your life

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12 Lifehacks that will change your life. Like the wrapping paper, cord label, and dustpan ideas. Smart!

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So many useful ideas :D

Seriously Read

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17 Ridiculously Useful Tips to make life easier

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

Hidden Storage & Secret Spaces — Inspiration Gallery

Sunglass Case

Bag Perfect

Perfect Storage

Avoid Tangles

Cords Cables

Cords Untangled

Cords Amp

Amp Cables

Messy Cables

Use a sunglasses case to store cords and cables in your bag. Genius.

tips and tricks

tips and tricks
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Best of Actual Advice Mallard

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Advice Mallard

Mallard Memes


Funnypictures Funnypics

tips and tricks

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Extraordinary Uses for 16 Ordinary Household Items

Common Household

Cleaning Tricks

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[Too much information to retain!] Life Hacks | Uncommon uses for common household items: toothpaste, rubber bands, nail polish, tape, hair dryer, hand lotion, cornstarch, petroleum jelly, coffee filters, salt, disposable cups, vinegar, wax paper, zip-top bags, chalk. (There are a million of these types of pins, but this is the first one I actually found useful.)

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25 Simple And Creative Tips-And-Tricks To Make Your Day Easier

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Helpful Life

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Useful Life Hacks Mind Blown

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25 Life Hacks

25 Simple And Creative Tips-And-Tricks To Make Your Day Easier. These life hacks are always neat

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30 Iphone

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30 Secret iPhone Tips

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Prevent Sweat

tips & tricks for around the house